ADA compliant training post Flash - 508 specifically with JAWS

As most content developers are well aware; flash is going away at the end of this year.

Per Articulate Documentation last updated in 2015 (, HTML5 content is not compliant and will be the only option going into 2021.  

Has there been any updated information regarding this that anyone is aware of?

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Chris!

Thanks for writing in, and that's a great question.

The article linked above only applies to Storyline 2. In this version of Storyline, just the Flash output is compliant with Section 508 accessibility guidelines.


It looks like you're using Storyline 360. This version doesn't have any Flash dependencies and was built to support WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards:

Let me know if that helps! Happy to chat further. 😀