Adaptive Branching based on subset of Quiz questions

I'm just wondering if this is possible as I'm relatively new to Storyline:

Start with a quiz showing videos of 'handball incidents' in soccer- the learner needs to decide if it is a handball incident, and then choose the reason why. As there are a number of 'sub-sections/reasons' to why it is handball, or why it's not, there needs to be videos that cover each 'sub-section/reason'. I also want at least two videos of each 'sub-section/reason' as learners may guess the answer to one question. With two or more questions, it makes it less likely they can guess their way through. 

Based on the answers from the questions with the same 'reasons', this will determine if they should do the learning on that 'reason'. There will be about 5 areas of learning (reasons) to master, so at least 10 questions in the initial quiz (preferably 15 questions - 3 Q's on each reason). Ideally the initial quiz questions are randomised, so learners don't infer answers to one question based on the other two (of the same reason) (which would be possible if they were to answer them in a row). I hope that makes sense!

 Feel free to ask clarification questions :-) 

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