Adaptive Learning

We are interested in creating adaptive learning for a lot of our compliance courses within Storyline.  Ideally we would like to match quiz questions/learning objectives with content.

Is it possible to track quiz results variables within storyline?  I was thinking if we did that, then we could have (for example) 4 different quizzes, each containing quiz questions for a particular learning objective.

Then I could use the results variable to display, or not display content.

Anyone explored this yet?

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Ryan Frasch

Steve Flowers said:

Hi, Ryan - 

Using multiple results slides that set variables based on the result, this is pretty trivial to pull off. This took me around 45 minutes in an older RC. It might be broken now - need to check it out. The concepts applied should still be solid.



Steve - this is GREAT!  It works on the production version, and yes the concept is solid and exactly what I was looking for!!

Susann Nutter

I'm also interested in using the adaptive learning approach for our training. Matching quiz results with "gap" content is the end goal - displaying only modules based on questions missed. I may present only 1 pretest or different quizzes for each module - not sure yet. I'm brand new to Storyline and have not used variables - or whatever is required here. My question - how does this work (in layman's terms please)?