Adaptive Learning Setup.

I want to create a pre course assessment. I have already set up the questions in a question bank. The question bank draws 5 questions from each of the 3 respective banks.
- If a user scores less than 60% in each category, he will be directed to complete only those sections in the course.
- If user scores > 60 % they see a thank you slide and they don't have to do the course.
How do I achieve this?

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Luke Benfield

Hi Kiran,

Here are some initial/conceptual thoughts to hopefully get you started. First, I think you'll need a menu slide with all the topics, and visited or a custom "Complete" state for each menu item.

I think you'll also need True/False variables set up for each topic. Then, on your results slide for the pre-assessment, you can set up a series of triggers that, basically, will look at the pre-assessment scores and will mark the True/False variables for each topic, which will then change the state of the menu items to complete or incomplete. 

You'll also probably need another trigger to Jump to the Thank You slide if all those topic variables are True.

Hope that will help get you started in thinking through this project. Sounds interesting! Good luck.

eLearning Development

Kiran;  I would do that same as Luke has said with custom variables for completion of each topic.  Those variables can change from false to true when a score greater than 60 is achieved.  If a topic variable is true they would not need to go back or review it.  When all 3 are true, then the thank you slide appears.


Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Kiran, I think you've got some good options here: Test out completely or in a linear fashion. Both can work really well and allows your user to go through content they really need. I'd like to make sure they can go through the content they tested positive for though, just in case they would want to.