Add a custom button with the previous and next buttons

Hi all,

Would it be possible to have a custom button with the Previous and Next button in the bottom navigation bar? I'd like to keep the course canvas as clean as possible and adding my own buttons there would keep all the navigation in the same area.

I'm thinking of adding a Home/Menu button as all our courses have a course map where users can select the chapter they can access. I want this button to be available all the time.

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Jamie Morgan

 I also like having a home or menu type functionality in the course, but like using the player navigation as it frees up more real estate on the slide versus creating my own custom buttons on the slide itself. We've switched functionality and are now using the course name (which we put on the slide itself and is the same throughout the course) as the home button. This mirrors what most people are used to seeing with websites where clicking the company logo or name usually takes you to their home page. We've simply called this functionality out as the start of the course until it becomes standard knowledge.

Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Belinda,

  • We can not add custom buttons in Storyline player. However we can customize look and feel of the player and all tabs/buttons on it. 
  • In Storline, it is possible to remove the default PREV & NEXT buttons and create your own. 

Here are two links for detailed information:


Karyn Boots

If anyone is still looking to do this, I found a workaround.  I don't have a need for the Submit button, so simply changed its display text to HOME in the player settings, and then changed the action to go to the slide I needed it to go to.  The home is the sub menu rather than the main home page, but that's fine as I just enable it and pick the slide destination on each slide that its required.