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Lisa Heyden

BTW, to you folks at Articulate - the timeline is a bear. There's no way to quickly adjust it back to a smaller length if god forbid you happened to have inserted something from another slide that had an enormous timeline. You just have to drag and hold for a half hour. Then, it's possible to make the timeline shorter than the media. Now, why would I want to do that?? So it's easy to accidentally cut off the end of the media if you are relying on the timeline to move automatically to the next slide. Fix this please. This isn't a "feature request". This is something one expects from $1500 software.

Jeff Robedee

Hi Lisa. If you increase the timeline like Steve said, and adjust your trigger to when the timeline of your media completes, this will work-- unless a user is able to fast forward your media.


Another way you could do this is to have another object-- for example, a square shape, and set the initial state to hidden. The triggers would then be when media completes, change state of square to normal and then another trigger for your square would be jump to next slide when timeline of square = 2 seconds.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- Thanks for reaching out and expressing your input and suggestions. I'm sorry for your frustrations, but I wanted to let you know that this would be the best way to connect with our Product Team. And if you would like our Support Engineers to take a closer look at your case, you are welcome to reach out directly via this form

Andrew Pulford

Too late to the party as usual, responding via email :-). However I agree with the Timeline issues Lisa has raised about the timeline ... Trim Timeline at Playhead, Lock Timeline Duration, or Paste to Fit Timeline are all options that might work. Will do the feature request thing. However a more open method for users to vote on feature requests, like uservoice.com would be good. Articulate dev is a closed shop but a bit more openness with regards to ongoing development would be appreciated I think. To know that our requests are being considered - or discarded - would be good. Otherwise it feels a bit like yelling in to an empty room.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- 

Thank you so much for reaching out here, and for submitting your feature request. Please note that customer ideas and suggestions are absolutely valued and are carefully considered by our Product Development team. You may find it useful to take a look at this blog post on our Feature Request Process by Product Operations Manager, Gabe Anderson. 

And unfortunately, we are not able to announce product roadmaps or release dates for new products/features or updates, but there are a few other options you have to stay up to date. I'd suggest that you subscribe to the Word of Mouth Blog for updates on Articulate products and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter