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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gordon!

Doesn't look like this is possible. In fact, adding the trigger from the state isn't possible - but you can cheat a little by right-clicking the text in the state and adding a hyperlink.

While that gives the appearance of a hyperlink, it doesn't seem to actually function that way.

One option that may work for you:

Add a hotspot to your slide and place it over the area where the hyperlink will display. Add the "Jump to" trigger and add a condition that the shape/text is currently in the desired state.

I created a very quick, unfancy example, just in case you want to see how this would work.

I'd love to hear of other examples, too!

Best of luck with the project,


Sam Hernandez

I'm in Storyline 2. I'm trying to have my options buttons have a correct and incorrect state. The incorrect state will provide a "learn more" button/link/hotspot that will open to a layer with additional info.

I originally tried to copy/paste a  working button and hyperlinked text from the base layer to the states page of my option button. When I paste to the states page it automatically changes the link to the selected layer to "unassigned". I hadn't tried the hotspot option until I read this post, but I get the same result. Any ideas? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sam!

It looks like you may have tried adding the hotspot inside the state.

Instead, as Christine mentioned, place the hotspot on top of the button (not in a state). Then add this trigger: 

Show layer Incorrect when user clicks Hotspot 1 if the button state is equal to Incorrect. 

Give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes!

Sam Hernandez

Thanks, Alyssa. However, that didn't get me the result I was looking for. I only want the learn more option to appear if/when the incorrect option is selected.

I was able to accomplish this by adding the learn more button and hiding it at the start of the timeline. Then changing the state of the learn button to normal only when the incorrect button is selected.

It seems so "duh" today, but this did NOT come to me yesterday for some reason. Thank you for your prompt responses.