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Brian Allen

A really easy way to do this would be to have an opening slide like you mentioned that asked for a language preference.

Have two sets of scenes, one for English and one for Welsh... if they choose english send them to the English scene, Welsh the Welsh scene.

If you don't have a quiz you could include a slide at the end of the two different scenes with a complete course trigger, that way regardless of which language they choose you can mark the course complete at the end.

David Tait

Hi Garry,

The issue I always see when people want to have multiple languages in a single Storyline project is that you can only account for changing the language of the content. The player labels will always appear in the original langauge. This means that certain messages will only appear in one of the languages, e.g. the resume message a learner sees when revisiting a course, or the message someone will see if they haven't attempted a question.

Is there a reson why you couldn't develop in English before duplicating the fully tested and approved project and localising for Wales?

David Tait

I just had the idea that maybe you could customise the player to show the messages I mentioned above in English/Welsh at the same time. After a quick check it looks like the character limit in the modern player for the messages is ~130. If the Welsh translations are of similar length to the English messages you might get away with it, although you should check this out yourself before going too far.