Add content of a variable into a text input field

Hi all,

I collect user information in a SCORM 1.2 course throughout the course, using text input fields, and saving the text input in Storyline variables.

At the end of the course, I want to display that input in a field that the learner can copy and paste into another app. 

I have consolidated the variables into a single composite text variable, but am unable to have the content of that composite variable enter into an input field so that it is selectable by the learner.

Any advice? 

Thanks muchly


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Robert Edgar

The problem is that I am trying to send multiple variables marked %variablename% into  a string into the latter field, and they are showing up as just the markup (%variablename%) within the text string, not the values of the variables (John Smith) within the text string. I will look into my construction of the text string I am sending, perhaps I can evaluate and insert those variable values before I import the combined string into the second field.