Add links with a URL as a variable

Hi all,

We are developing a business simulation in Storyline 2 where links to the same place are repeated in each case study. As maintenance could be an issue, we are considering to add links to variables which contain the URLs, so changing in one variable's value to a new URL will update the links across the module.

However, when adding the variable URLtest with a default text value "" and then adding to a link as %URLtest% in the linked text, the result takes you to the address %URLtest% instead of the variable's value (

Any advice to do it?

Thank you in advance,


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Pablo Rico

Hi Matthew,

My apologies for not replying to your post before

Actually, after considering the creation of a separate web page to redirect users to depending on the URL parameters, we decided to follow your recommendation as I think it is more future proof.

Have you got any issue in any device because of the dependency of Javascript, ie. antipopup block because of the use of function?

Thank you very much for your contribution!