Add notes in custom text box which can be scrolled

I have been given a Storyline presentation which I need to use as a basis for a new training module. Another developer added a custom text box which appears when clicking a trigger at the bottom of the screen (not the standard Storyline notes trigger or notes panel). The text box is quite narrow and limits the amount of text which can be inserted.

The voice-over of the new module is quite long and needs to appear in the notes text box with a scroll bar to allow it to fit on the screen.

Is there a simple way to allow the notes page to be automatically added to this box so it will also be relatively easy for others to translate and update the notes as well as being able to scroll it like the standard notes panel.

If it can be done can someone provide step by step instructions on how to do it?

Hope someone can help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julian and welcome to Heroes!

You can't add the "notes" content that would appear as a part of the player to the slide itself, but there is a method here on how to set up the closed captioning or notes to appear on the slide with the scrolling panel. It sounds like this is what you have set up - partially - but you could add in the scrolling element.

Let us know if that works or if you need a bit more information.

Julian Richards

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your prompt reply and link to a fantastic tutorial. This shows me exactly what to do and the next tutorial shows me how to ensure that if the button has been pressed to show notes on the slide and then how to make them keep appearing automatically on following slides too unless the button is pressed again. This was going to be my next question!

One final question though, if the Storyline standard notes can be displayed on the slide, why can't we tap into that facility if we want to add our own custom notes holder, is there no code or work around that enables this? My only alternative is to copy and paste the notes into the text box on screen manually. It would be great if it would automatically add notes on screen in the normal way. That way when it goes off for translation the notes page can more easily be viewed and translated/updated.

Many thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julian,

I'm glad that tutorial was what you needed.

I don't claim to know why it was designed that way, but there isn't a code to access that I'm aware of to allow it to appear on the slide itself. It does sound like something that would make a good feature request though! Those go directly to our product development team for review and we always really appreciate the feedback.