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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gustaf,

I haven't personally tried this, but I did find some resources that may help:

Yukonlearning #Articulate #Storyline Using variables to adjust score

Java script in Storyline to set the Results.ScorePoints variable?

Adjust a score variable for a quiz - E-Learning Heroes - Articulate

Now I realize, that depending on what you want to do, these may not work for you. But I'm hopeful that they might at least point you in the right direction. 

Best of luck!


Gustaf Sylvin

Thanx Christine.

Well, I use several normal questions and they report neatly into the Results.ScorePoints variable. But, I have added a coloring exercise. When colored correctly (based on a number of true/false variables), I would like to add one point to the Results.ScorePoints.

I guess the last link you provided is a clue but not clear on the actual "how to".

All other suggestions are welcome.



Steve Flowers

Hi Gustaf - 

Similar to Phil's suggestion, I have used a True / False question as an underlying activity scorer. The activity is overlaid so the user can't see the T/F answers. Then I use triggers to select true or false based on conditions of the activity. This will add a point or not and only hinges on the selection of the true / false objects.

Steve Flowers

Take a look at this example for an illustration of what I mean above. Cool thing about using a TF question, it's simple and will record whether someone did the activity correctly or not. For more granular recording, a multiple select with the steps of the activity would capture which were done correctly and which weren't. Still a simple use of an underlying mechanic to capture the abstraction of complexity.