Add Question x of x in Knowledge Check

I am revising a course with 4 sets of quizzes and each has different number of questions.

Is there a way that I can add a hint to indicate how many questions in each set of the quizzes in Storyline 2? What about in QuizMaker?

(I imported the quizmaker file into storyline file. Either one works will be helpful. I currently added them manually on each slide, but I have a total of 100+ questions.)



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lily

you could create a number variable - one for each question bank e.g. QB1.

On each quiz slide of a QB you would add text %QB1% of 10 and add a trigger to adjust variable QB1 add 1 when timeline starts on quiz slide.  

As the user is presented the QB slides they would see Q1 of 10, Q2 of 10, where the %QB% variable is changing by 1 each time 

This trigger would be on each quiz slide in the respective QB. Alternatively, you could create a master layout for each QB and add the trigger to the master layout.

Note: if you are allowing the user to review the quiz slides, you would need to add a trigger to the 'Retry Quiz' button on the Result slide to adjust the variable to 0 - so that it starts calculating again as they review otherwise they would see Q11 of 10, Q12 of 10 etc.

Hope that helps.