Add Scroll Bars automatically selects with pasted button; shape changes size

Greetings - 

I have a button with text and have unselected "add scroll bars" in the text format menu. 

If I duplicate that button "add scroll bars" automatically becomes selected.

Really annoying. Format painter doesn't help either (to help me quickly fix). Also, if I select a bunch of buttons and format at once, it only formats the first item selected. So I must open each button and fix it. This gets ... time-consuming. 

Another related issue: Even when the shape format is correct (I've re-adjusted to "allow text to overflow") and the format is also set to "fixed size" if I change any text in the shape - e.g. "Stage 1" to "Stage 2" the shape resizes! I have a button that is 52 pixels high, which is more than is needed. When I change the "Shape 1" to "Shape 2" (or whatever) the shape resizes to 42 pixels. This happens on each state of the button - I then must go in and manually resize each shape to 52 pixels. Ugh. 

Any fixes for these issues?

Thank you!


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Amy Nicholson

So it is not happening all the time - and this morning I thought it was resolved, alas, no. Here is a video of text boxes (shapes with text) changing sizes. At 38 seconds in you can see it (which I missed when creating this) and again at 1:07. At about 1:35 I check the formating settings - they are the same as the other shapes that are not changing sizes (fixed size, allow text to overflow). 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Amy!

I appreciate you sharing a screen recording with us too! I'm seeing the same issue within the screen recording and would like our Support Engineers to step in here. I've opened a case on your behalf, so you should've received an email including an upload link. Do you mind attaching the .story file to the upload link?

Our team will test your file and reply with their findings!

Amy Nicholson

Hi again - here is another issue - seems a bit related. This time though, it is a button made of a character (from the SL library). I have moved the character so that he is not at 0,0 x y coordinates within the button. When I move the button (not in edit mode, but just on the base layer) the character moves position within the button to 0.0. See attached. All I am doing is clicking and dragging the button to a different location and releasing. You can see how the character shifts within the button. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Amy!

I appreciate you sharing these details and files with us! I've linked this conversation in your support case and escalated it to our team of Support Engineers. They'll take a look at the .story file and screen recording and reply via email with their findings.

We'll continue the conversation in your support case.