Add second button and trigger to feedback master?


I am wanting to add a second button on a "Correct" feedback master that simply hides the layer and allows the user to see the question slide. (A SME request.)  I've found I can add the buttons on each individual question slide feedback, but have not been successful trying for a more global solution.

Is it possible? 




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Narda, and welcome to the community! I may not be totally clear on what you are hoping to accomplish, but can you please check out this older thread and let me know if that is close to what you have in mind? If not, a few more details on what you would like to do would be great and we'll see what more we can do to assist! :)

Narda Butler

Thanks, Christie. I did look at that thread and used the information to make nicer buttons, but what I'm struggling with is adding a second button to the feedback layer that serves to simply close the layer. The SME would like the student to be able to the question again and his selection and all the answers.

We thought that hiding the feedback layer would be easier than rearranging all the slides so that all that info is visible when the feedback layer is visible. I can do it on a slide-by-slide basis but I would love to create a feedback master slide that I can select when needed.

Two buttons on one feedback layer -- the normal one and one that simply hides the feedback layer.

Is that any clearer?

Christie Pollick

Yes, Narda, the additional info you provided is great, and as it appears that I may not be able to find a resolution for you today, you are welcome reach out to our Support Engineers using this form if you need immediate assistance. And, members of the community are also always welcome to share their thoughts and suggestions, as well! :)

Narda Butler

And here are the lessons learned from this endeavor:

  1. I couldn't put a second button on the master slide.
  2. I DID rearrange the content on the slides (yes, one by one), so it was visible even when the feedback layer was open.
  3. I learned that prior planning could have averted that extra effort. In the future, I will know to ask some specific questions about the type of feedback the project requires.