Add sound to Articulate Storyline Glossary?


I think it is great that Storyline incorporated a glossary option right in player. However, from what I see, there isn't an option to add sounds (ex: audio on how the term is correctly pronounced). Articulate Engage had this option and I was wondering if I am just not seeing an option for this in Storyline as it is/was very valuable with anatomy and physiology education.

Any suggestions appreciated; we just need the audio for terms! Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Lindsey,

As far as I know, adding sounds to the default Storyline Glossary and its terms isn't currently possible.

However, what you could do is build your own glossary, if this is something you truly want to have available for your users.

Here's a thread where I shared a glossary example:

Standalone Glossary in Storyline

Keep in mind, though, that the example isn't quite finished yet. I just thought this might get you off to a good start, if a custom glossary is something that might work for you.

Good luck with the project! :)