Add sound to slide transitions

Aug 25, 2016


I'm using the Random bars slide transition in one of my projects, and I'd like to add a sound effect to it - kind of a laser swoosh. I've tried putting the sound first thing on the second page, but then when I go from page 1 to 2 the sound plays halfway into the transition animation. I've also tried to cut the sound into two files, adding the first half last on page 1 and the second half first on page 2, but then there's a pause in between them when i play the transition. So, how do I do to add a sound that syncs with the slide transition? Grateful for any help!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out here! I don't know of a built-in way to accomplish this so I'll have to defer to the community for ideas. That sounds like a great idea for a feature though, I highly suggest submitting a Feature Request for it. You may also want to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum as it's a great resource for creative design-oriented questions and advice. :)

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