Add text to recorded video

Hello Storyline community,

Hope all well with you.

Well, I would like to seek your kind help in recording a video through articulate storyline 1.

I want to record a video and convert it into a single video file where I need to add additional text/instructions for every action that I performed during the recording.

Can you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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Walt Hamilton

If your video is in pieces, you can put them together to make one long video using Microsoft's free MovieMaker, but I wouldn't. You sacrifice SO much flexibility. If you can keep them in pieces and use a slide per piece.

I import the piece, and create a matching textbox. I'm using SL2, but think that might work in
SL1.  Small video clip = small amount of text on slide = best design practice.

Donna Morvan


Did you record already or are you looking to record? When you do a video recording...on the insert option, you have the choice whether you want it placed a video in a single slide. You can also right-click and export it as a video file. You can then make use of markers or animated textboxes throughout to annotate your video.

It really depend on what you're looking to do.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ammu, 

I did want to clarify that there isn't an option in Storyline to publish to a single video file, so you'd likely need to publish or preview the final project and use another screen recording tool (or another instance of Storyline) to capture it. If using Storyline you can insert as a video on a single slide and export as detailed here. 

Ammu Harish

Thanks a lot Walt, Donna & Ashley.


Actually my requirement is to record for e.g.; how to create a word document. I can record the screen using storyline. It has in-built  comments while I record. but I want to add additional sub-titles to the recorded video and convert/ publish it as an mp4 video. I dont have to publish it onto any LMS. But, I need to use it as a video by itself. Is that possible using storyline? I am using storyline 2.

Kindly let me know.


Thanks in advance.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ammu,

Storyline doesn't have the option to publish as a single mp4 or video file. If you've done the screen recording in Storyline and added additional subtitles/captions you could look at recording that with another instance of Storyline and choosing to "export the screen recording" video or as that thread mentioned record it with Replay which will publish to an MP4. For either option you'll likely want to record the preview or published copy of your course when uploaded to a website. 

Julie Monnox

Hi , am trying to do a screen recording of a new desktop software application as training for our staff in how to use it. I will have a series of small modules with first one being intro to GUI and navigating menu. I am not sure which 360 tool is best for this but want to first show video with voice over then do a simulation. have tried storyline 2 recording but on video I want to put in text boxes or shapes to highlight tabs or info. The slide view does this but they have to go through every slide rather than watch a video demo first. Is there any way I can put captions  text boxes , shapes fading in and out in time with voice over and video screen capture? I hope this makes sense??? 

Walt Hamilton

Place the video on the slide. At the appropriate time, introduce a text box over it that fades at the appropriate time. The only thing you have to be careful of is that the video doesn't pan while the objects are visible, and if you are really intense about it, I have even given the superimposed objects motion paths to keep them in place as the video pans. Don't know if you want to do that much work or not.