Adding 2 Layers in Storyline that common for all slides

I want to use 2 layers in my slides.  Layer 1 will be a drawing and Layer 2 will be a video of the drawing.  My plan is to have all slides start in Layer 1 showing the drawing.  The user will have the ability to select Layer 2 if they wish to display the video.   When they complete the video they will return to Layer 1.

I investigated doing this in MS Powerpoint and it will require me to write a macro or code for my Action Button.  When I import the MS PowerPoint into Storyline, I am sure this will not translate over.

I have many slides and presentation to do, and I would like to do a complete presentation just by selecting all the sheets and configuring the Action Button or adding them.   I am sure there isn't an automated way of doing all of the slides and that is why I am thinking of selecting all of the slides and setting them.   This will allow me to just set it up once for the complete presentation instead of each slide one at a time.

I want to set the Action Button (in the center) on Layer 1 to bring Layer 2 to the front or make Layer 1 not-visible.  Once Layer 2 is visible, I would like the Video to automatically play or some way to starting the video just by touch the screen.   After completion, I would like the user to select the Action Button (in the center) to send Layer 2 back to the background and Layer 1 is visible again.

The reason for doing this was to allow me to use the 2 finger touch advancement to the next slide.  If I used a 2nd slide just for the video, the slide advance back to the video slide.

I was hoping that I can configure all of the slides exactly the same because the action is the same except for the drawing and video changes.

Does someone have any suggestions for me to do this within Storyline ???    Or a better approach to my problem.

Thank You,


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