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Donna Morvan

Hello Anna,

Are you talking about editing the built in Notes in Storyline? or a Customized Notes Button?

There are several options to do this if you're looking to create a customized Notes Button. You can:

1. Make use of Layers

2. Make use of States

3. Make use of Markers

4. Use the built-in Notes feature in Storyline.


Anna Mah

I'm very new to Storyline & Replay.  We want to add a pulsating button at the lower R hand corner of the first or second slide in ppt that would point to the transcript of our tutorial.  I have tried to add the notes in the Notes tab in Storyline but it doesn't show when I preview the tutorial.  Is this possible?  If so how can I do this?

Donna Morvan

Hello Anna,

I took a look at your project and there are several issues.

1. Button on Lower Right corner - There is no trigger tied to it and there's no information as well on the layer.

2. Notes feature is not ticked.

That aside, my best recommendation for you is just to make use of the built-in Notes in Storyline. Since you have already added the information on the Notes tab, all you need to do is:

1. Access Player properties


2. Under Features, check to enable Notes. You can also make use of the arrows to choose where you want it to be accessed.


3. Click OK. You should now be able to see the Notes when you preview.


Anna Mah

Hi sorry for the delay.  Got a little busy here.  I will find another way to add our script.  We think we might be able to use the Lower Thirds function in Replay then import into Storyline.  Scripts can also be added in a trigger button.

Second question.  I am almost done creating one Storyline tutorial and even though it plays correctly the menu on the L of the tutorial has 2 of my slides in reverse order.  How can I correc that?  See attachment.  The order should be:

Finding a SWOT Analysis


Marketline Advantage

Thank you for taking part!

Walt Hamilton


There is no connection between the order of slides in the menu, and the order in which they show. If they are showing in the correct order, you can correct the order on the menu by:

Click on Player, then Menu

Select a slide, and there are arrows to move it up or down. 

There is also an option to completely rebuild the menu from the story.

Brandon Tanguay

Ashley - Just curious... Is this an active feature request for Storyline? This is precisely what i have been trying to do as well - have a button within the presentation (ie. "CC") that a user can click to toggle the notes panel on and off. This would be ideal for my company's project to ensure equal access for all users. I believe it may be beneficial to many for ADA compliance. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brandon,

We don't have a public feature request page so I don't have information to share in terms of where this feature stands in the list. I know a lot of folks look at creating custom closed captions such as in these forum discussions:

Perhaps one of those set ups will help you and if you're able to create something you're able to share in the community please feel free - as we love to see more examples!