Adding a hyperlink to a slide layer

Jun 05, 2014

I am trying to add a hyperlink to a word in a slide layer. I completed the usual steps: highlight the word, right click - hyperlink, link text, jump to url, add my web address, and click ok. I know clicking on the url isn't a task a user can complete in the "preview" setting, but it always allows me to at least click on the url and receive a message stating "this feature is not available in preview mode". When trying to add a hyperlink to one of my slide layers, the slide won't even give me the option to click on the hyperlink. Even when I publish the slides, I am still unable to click on the hyperlink. Any ideas as to why my hyperlink is not working on a slide layer?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

I tested this on my own files, and was able to add a hyperlink to a slide's layer - and see the message in preview. Are you able to share your .story file with me (or even one slide with the layers) so that I can take a look at the set up? Also in the meantime, please feel free to check out the tutorial here on adding hyperlinks. 

Nicole Rybar

Thanks for your quick response, Ashley. I have attached my Storyline file so you can take a look at it. The slides I am having trouble with are slide 1.6 - layer 3 "JHM Key Elements" and slide 1.14 - layer 1 "Compliance Contacts". I watched the tutorial, but still no luck. Any information you can provide me with will be helpful. Thanks.

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