Adding a layer through importing Power Point slides

Jul 25, 2015

I started a slide with layers in Storyline 2. Initially I imported several power point slides. Then I added layers. I made a modification in power point and want to add a layer on one slide. I know I can import in a new slide in either an existing scene or a new scene. How can I make this a new layer without rebuilding a layer from scratch?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Moore

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Tom  Moore

Here is another. I have recorded audio in Camtasia Studio. Although I can edit it and split each file into separate tracks for layers in Storyline, is there an easier way to accomplish this? Can I assign the overall MP3 file layers? I have done this in Power Point before, not sure if it is possible in Storyline?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom!

Here are two ways you can split a single audio file across multiple slides in Articulate Storyline:

Use the Built-In Audio Editor

One option is to import the audio file into all the related slides in Storyline, then use the audio editor to trim or crop the audio on each slide.

Use Articulate Presenter

If you need to split an audio file across numerous slides, you might find it faster to break it into individual tracks using Articulate Presenter, then import them into the corresponding slides in Storyline.

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