Adding a Menu to the top toolbar. Have to click twice for it to ap

May 30, 2014


On first opening and clicking on the "Menu" text, I have to click twice for the pop out menu to appear. It's fine after that when I got to it again. It will appear on first click or if when I first go into the piece, click a button then go up to the menu, it works on fist click. The focus does not seem to be there when first going in and not clicking on anything except the Menu text. I've attached a picture of the type of menu.

It's strange as I have seen demo examples of pop out menus on this site and they work on first click.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Steve Flowers

Hi Stephen, 

What browser / Flash player version ( are you using and are you attempting this locally? Some browsers require that you click to activate a Flash media element before it will let you interact with anything inside. This can behave differently locally than when deployed to a Web server. If running this locally, you might try checking it from a Web server environment.

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