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Jeff Forrer

If I remember correctly, when putting Flash into Storyline, you cannot have any Actionscript that calls to the _root level of your movie.  In fact I believe any script that you have, needs to be at the _root level of your timeline.  Calling _root in your Flash movie in general is not best practice and results can be unexpected.

I would take any code that you have in your Flash movie and bring to the _root level and reference all your objects from there.

I hope that helps.

Pierre Jouan
Steve Flowers

You'll want to make sure the movie is published as AS3. AS2 isn't supported in Storyline and may produce surprises and disappointment. 

You can include script wherever you want within a movie but need to use absolute references (this, parent, etc.)

Hi Steve,

I think you meant "you need to use relative references". ;-)

Beata Chan

Hi Jeff,  I wonder if you can help me with the same issue.  

I see your comment of 'cannot have any Actionscript that calls to the _root level' - i'm not sure what that means?

I have been sent a set of swf files and asked to add it to Storyline.  Do I have to go back to the SME and ask to re-record or is there anything I can do alter that '_root' script?  

Thank you,


Pierre Jouan

Hi Beata,

When you load a SWF in Storyline, which itself is a SWF, it will load at "level 1". The Storyline project becomes the root level.

So, if your SWF has scripts like "add blue square at root level", the square might appear within the slide (outside of the SWF).

If you have those sorts of scripts, you need to alter code in the FLA sources.

Beata Chan

My SME used a free app called Jing to record her demos (without audio).  Jing saves the recording as swf (one file only).  She sent it to me to add prompts (like 'Click the Next button' bla bla) and then publish.  

But when i add it to Storyline it doesn't run properly i also get the error message Philip mentioned in his original post '..... contains script with references to '_root' and may not function properly in the published output.'.

Is there anything I can do?