Adding a Timer to Storyline Courses

Jan 15, 2014

Hello everyone,

A client I am working with has asked that the ability for learners to see how much of the course they have completed and have remaniing be added to a course produced using Storyline.  Studio had such an option but the only timer I have found in Storyline is related to quizzes and result slides.  Is there a way to add a timer displaying duration info for the entire course?  I would need for the learner to be able to continue the course even if they exceeded the time alotted.



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Bruce Graham

HI Shawnda.

Just to offer the other side of the coin...if a course is built in Storyline, offering full functionality, then there may be optional scenes, hidden areas, layers etc. in which case a timer becomes relatively obsolete, and the measure becomes learning.

I do appreciate that some organisations do still require timers, but there are good reasons why this is not a standard feature in an authoring tool that allows freeform learning to occur.

Often it is an interesting conversation to have with clients to take them away from the linear approach, but I do appreciate that's not the way everyone works yet.

Shawnda Griffith

Thank you to all that have replied to my post.  Bruce, I agree that a branching, interactive, scenario based course cannot be accurately timed and makes adding a timer obsolete.  Unfortunately, the organization I am working with would still like to have one present despite the fact the time shown won't really mean much.

Michael and Ashley - I will take a look at the examples you've provided and see if one will work for my course.  Thank you both so much for sharing!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vinay,

Are you referring to the slide timeline or the timer in the top right hand of the player? If you're able to share a bit more information about what's occurring or a copy of your .story file we can hopefully point you in the right direction. If you need to update the file, please use the "Add Attachment" button to upload it here. 

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