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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Leandra! When you choose Add To Dictionary, this should cause the red underline below your word to go away (since it's no longer considered misspelled), but you won't see any other visible action. You can, however, check to see which words you've added to your dictionary by doing this:

  1. Click the round "a" button in the upper-left of your Storyline window.
  2. Choose Storyline Options near the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Spelling Options.
  4. Click Custom Dictionaries.
  5. Click Modify. 

Then you'll see a list of words you've added to your custom dictionary. You can add or delete words on that window too. Does that help?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

What version of Storyline are you currently using? 

I took a look using your example using Storyline 360, and didn't see an issue with the abbreviation. I took a look at my setup and realized that I ignore all uppercase, so I adjusted that:

I was then able to right-click on the word underlined in red and 'Add to Dictionary' successfully.

Is that the workflow that you are using?