Adding an Overall Results Page to a course that has multiple module quizzes

Jan 04, 2017

Cher Storyline Peeps

Happy New Year :-)  I am working on a course that has 6 modules and there are 5 quizzes - one at the end of each module.  The learner has to pass each quiz to move to the next module which I have set up.  However, I wanted to show an Overall Results page and have the course grant credit in our LMS against the Overall Results page ................ I am sure that I am missing something in the set up but I can't get it to work.

Can anyone help?



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Luke Benfield

Hi Geraldine,

When you add your final results slide, you'll get the Results Slide Properties menu. Use the dropdown at the top of the menu to Calculate Results for Selected Results slides.

From there you can either set it up so that they must pass each quiz, or combine the scores for one final percentage that is sent to your LMS. 

In the Reporting/Tracking settings when you're ready to publish, you can also just send a Complete/Incomplete or Pass/Fail to the LMS if you don't use that final, tallied percentage.

Hope that helps.

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