Adding and subtracting running scores across slides

Jan 19, 2016

Hello Nicole,

I was researching regarding running score (adding and subtracting points) across multiple slides for my project and I came across the following article -

I am working on a scenario based eLearning which has an employee engagement meter. Based on the selection by the learner, the engagement meter goes up and down. I want to assign +1 point for the best choice, 0 point for middle of the road and -1 for fail choice across the slides. At the end of the scenario, I want to use the engagement meter score to provide overall feedback and also to score the module.

Based on the above link, I was wondering if you have an example regarding running scores.

Thank you.





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Tracy Parish

You could do this, but you can't use a variable to pass a value (or change) the final variable that is set in Storyline to pass to the LMS (I'm assuming you are meaning an LMS when you say "score the module").

You could do something like what I've attached here.  It's a bit clunky, but it does work.  You'd have a lot of playing/planning to do to make it work for your scenario.  

I've created this kind of thing before to score something and ended up putting a large square shape over the entire "question slides" to cover up what is on them.  This is so the user doesn't notice them quite so much as they are flipped through.



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