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Bruce Younger

Mike's solution works perfectly, you do have to adjust your player settings in Engage to Browser size to "Resize browser to optimal size" and "Scale Player to fill browser window".

Thank you, this tip will provide some sanctuary until Articulate resolves this grievious choice to release rather that solve.

Larry Pickle

Mike Enders said:


You can do this via a web object.

1. Have all of your Engage output in one folder.

2. Rename your Engage.html (Studio 09) or Interaction.html (Studio 13) file to "Index.html"

3. In Storyline,click insert web object and click on the folder icon.

4. Direct Storyline to the Engage folder (just select the folder, no need to navigate inside).

5. Click Ok.

Now, when you publish, all of the Engage files will get pulled into your presentation.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mike,

I have Engage 13 interactions and I have followed the steps above - changed the published html interaction file name to Index, inserted the published engage output folder, posted the storyline output on our FTP server, and when I view the course, I see Page not found. Error 404. Any ideas? My client has the Engage interactions in 09 as well, but wants to take advantage of the mobile capabilities in Engage 13.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Deb,

You'll want to point to the index.html as index.html5 would not be a valid link. When needing to link directly to HTML5 content, you'll use a path such as story_html5.html (for Storyline content).  If you need to ensure that you're embedding Engage content is accessible on HTML5 devices, you'll need to use Engage '13 and follow the steps here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melissa,

This thread is a bit older, so I'm not entirely certain what you're running into or what you're using in terms of SL1 or SL2. 

Storyline 1 does not support importing in content from Studio '13 or Storyline 2.

Storyline 2 supports importing in content from Storyline 1, Studio '09 and Studio '13. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Manju,

Do you have the Engage file that you're able to share here with us? It would be the .intr file - and also are you on the latest updates of both Studio '13, update 7 and Storyline 2 Update 8?  You'll also need to have Engage installed and activated on your system to import into Storyline.