Adding attachments for local viewing

We are using Storyline to create Performance Support to be used by participants during a classroom simulation (the file contains "additional information" that participants may/may not need as they progress during the course).  Each participant downloads the file prior to arriving to class and there is not access to the internet during the course.  We want to add attachments throughout the Performance Support (especially excel templates, etc.) for participants to use; however, these do not seem to be working (I have tried using the jump to url/file functionality).  The message states, "the hyperlinks feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing locally because your browser does not support it."  Is there an easy way to do this?  Can I just include the file in the publishing package so that it does not need to "link" outside of the package?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey,

How are you publishing the course and providing it to the users? If you've published for web, and they're viewing it locally that can cause issues with accessing the content as detailed here.  You may want to look at publishing for CD/local source and allowing users to access that version. The links will open in Internet Explorer by default as mentioned here. 

Jeffrey Fedak

Thank you Ashley.  I published the project for CD, zipped the file, and we posted the zip file on an intranet site.  The users unzipped everything, clicked on the .exe file and it worked perfectly for two people  :) (one in China and one in the UK).  However, another user received an error message, "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled."  Any thoughts on why they would be receiving that error?