Adding Audio to a pre-recorded video

We typically have our narration done by a voice over actor for all our courses.  In the past I have used Captivate to do screen captures.  I'd like to use the recording feature in Storyline but can't tell if it is possible to add Narration to a video after it is recorded.  Since I am the one that does the recording but not the one that voices the audio this feature is important to me. 

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kathleen,

Definitely you can time the audio after inserting. It will be inserted into the timeline, where you can listen to it and, for example, set "cue points" (by pressing C on the keyboard) so that you can adjust the timing of items on the timeline accordingly.

I'm uploading a story as an example (please know this isn't my best audio narration or timing. I did it VERY quickly to answer your question!!)

I'd created this story previously with only the captions and changing states. When you asked the question, I quickly recorded the captioned text in Audacity, inserted it into Storyline, set up cue points, and adjusted when the states change. Also, by double-clicking on the wave in the timeline, I was able to cut out where I had a long pause. Again, this is VERY rough.

Oh, there are 3 slides in this project. It's the Finished slide that contains the audio.

Let me know if it needs further explanation...happy to create a Screenr (video tutorial) with more detail.

Oh, and I think there's a tutorial somewhere...I think by Tom?...with some detailed explanation. I'll see if I can find it.