Adding check marks to the menu tab inside the player and a progress bar inside player.


I'm trying to make a course that tracks where the user has been within the menu of the player. Ideally, there would be a circle next to the slide name in the menu that becomes "checked off" when the user visits the area. Also, it would be helpful to know how to have a % bar increase over the player as the user progress through the course. 

Here is an example of what I'm trying to accomplish: 


Thank you

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Zach,

I don't believe this is possible in the Player, Classic or Modern. What you can do is customise the Classic player's List item > Viewed item colour, so it looks different after that particular slide has been viewed. The Modern player also has a Viewed state for each menu item.

But I don't think you can add a checkmark to the player menu. You might need to build your own menu.

Zach Van Stone

Thank you! 

Just an FYI: old storyline users may not know about Rise. My office has been using Storyline for a few years and we upgraded to 360 recently for cloud sharing the .story files. A client linked me the course above and requested a course similar to it. It had a similar feel to Storyline so I searched through the Storyline discussions for awhile trying to make the player work like this. 

I guess my point is that it may help people to direct them towards Rise if Storyline can't accomplish the task but Rise can :)

Thanks again, Rise is pretty good so far