Adding clickable item to a marker

Aug 27, 2013

Hi, I am trying to add a clickable item to a marker. For example, the instruction in a marker says: "Click here to learn more.", I would like to make the word "here" hyperlinked to some other layer that opens up as a pop up.

When I try to add hotspot over the word "here" and add trigger to it, the hotspot appears on the base layer but  not in the marker.

Is there any way we can fix this? Please help.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Shivani. There is a way to do this but you need to exercise clever trickery to get it to work. 

1) Start by creating your marker. Add your image to the marker. 

2) Approximate where you want the hotspot to overlay the marker and draw a shape or hotspot on the stage (not in the marker.)

3) Add a trigger to this shape. Make it transparent if it's not a hotspot.

4) Cut the object from the base slide (CTRL-X)

5) Edit the states of your marker. Add a selected state to your marker. Paste your shape into the new state.

Now your marker will open (your shape will be there at the start of the state and won't wait for the animation to finish) and the shape will transmit the trigger action when clicked. This click will also trigger the close of your marker. This might be a drawback.

If you had an image with multiple hotspot areas, you could copy multiple shapes into the marker state for an "image map" style construction within the marker.

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