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Wendy Farmer

Just thought I'd add these notes from SL User Guide about CC in case that is your issue.

The closed captioning button may not always be visible throughout your course. It’s only visible when captions are available on the current slide or layer. It’ll disappear for slides and layers that don’t have captions. This gives learners a visual clue when captions are available.

When a learner clicks the closed captioning button to turn on captions, the button will remain turned on throughout the course until the learner clicks it again to turn it off.

Andrea Titus

Hi there-

It did not show on a slide where the CC was available.

I am going to be recording and adding the CC tomorrow. I did a test today that got the CC to play but no option to turn on/off.

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James Ignacio

Thanks, Wendy.

Here's my situation (and if it's better to start a new thread, please let me know).

The first slide in my project has audio and I've added the captions.
Additionally the slide has a layer (without audio). There is a trigger to show the layer when the timeline starts and when a user clicks a button the layer is hidden. This is where the caption button should appear. When I preview/publish the project, the caption button is missing from this slide. Once I advance to the second slide, the caption button is available. If I turn on the captions and use the menu to return to the first slide, the captions show...but still no caption button. I'm guessing it's not a caption file issue, rather the slide isn't telling the player it has captions available in order to make the button available.

In my troubleshooting I tried...
1. removing the trigger to go to the layer - the issue wasn't resolved.

2. delayed the timing on the trigger to go to the layer - the issue wasn't resolved.

3. removed the layer - issue was resolved.

My biggest concern is that this is a new issue. I've used this slide set up (it's part of my team's template) before with no closed caption button issue. I'm curious if it may have to do with the recent update to our Storyline 3 (we're now on Update 7: 3.7.20003.0) which occurred a couple of weeks ago. I'm not the only one experiencing this on my team.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.

Wendy Farmer

Hi James

I can replicate the issue in both SL3 and SL360 so this is a workaround that may help you in the meantime while you get Articulate Support to investigate.

I'd say it's not appearing because the layer shows first and there is no audio but I don't get why it doesn't show when you hide the layer (I also triggered the player display caption from the layer and still didn't work)

Fudged the slide to add audio to the layer set it to 1 sec of silence and set the captions to display when the user clicks the close button on the layer.

James Ignacio

Thanks, Wendy.

I mimicked what you did, but instead of including the trigger for Player.DisplayCaptions, I added a blank caption to the layer and it prompted the CC button to appear and then it stayed visible once the layer was hidden.

Are there steps I need to take for Articulate Support to investigate the issue?


James (not Joseph :) ).

Wendy Farmer

OMG so sorry James - I was also replying to Joseph about something at the same time (I'll check I didn't call him James - my apologies ;o)

Thanks for letting me know your workaround and hope that keeps you working on your project.

Log a ticket with Articulate Support and upload your file so they can see what's happening and also link to this thread.