Adding closed captions button to player

Hi Everyone,

I have added closed captioning  to my project.  I've put a CC button in the slide master that toggles the closed captions on and off, and the cc works fine on every slide and scene.

Is there a way to add a custom button to the player to the right of the Prev, Next, and Submit buttons?  This would be the preferred location for the CC button.

Thank you,



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi John!

Adding an additional button and/or editing the buttons on a per slide basis not supported functionality. 

The Articulate Storyline 2 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames for Flash content. 

Please note that the Storyline SDK isn't a supported product. If you need help creating custom frames, we recommend posting in our dedicated SDK forum to connect with other developers.

Sumit Jadhav

Hello - I have a question around placement of the Closed Caption button. I am creating a customized Closed Caption button for a training course. I wanted to check if there is a standard or guideline around where the CC button needs to be placed on the screen. Is there any standard that dictates that a CC button should be ideally placed on the left bottom of the slide? Please help

Ralph Pichie

I can confirm that adding at least one bit of audio with caption to the base layer fixed the problem in my case.  I do not know if audio that has no caption in the base layer would also show the CC button when captioned audio in other layers is active.

If your captions do not work, check that you have captioned audio in your base layer.