Adding Conditions for Quiz Review

Mar 23, 2017


I have a course where there is a quiz towards the end of the lesson. In the quiz, after two attempts the use is sent back to the section of the lesson to get the correct answer. 

My challenge is:

The seek bar and menu been disabled, meaning, the user would have to go through the entire lesson again just to get back to the quiz and answer the question correctly. 

My current approach is to add a quiz button at the bottom of the slide where the user get's kicked back to that appears only AFTER they have started the quiz. In other words, the quiz button is disabled when going through the lesson, then enabled, ONLY when they have started the quiz. 

My current thought is possibly adding a condition to the trigger, but I am completely confused by the options available in the conditions section. (See image.)

Has anyone attempted to do this? If so what steps did you take to achieve this result?


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Michael Shannon

Hey Shirley. I think you're on the right track.

  1. I would suggest that you create a number variable with a default of "0" Let's say we call it, "quiztries"
  2. Then put a trigger on your quiz results page (layer) that adds "1" to the var "quiztries" "when timeline starts"
  3. Then on your pages/sections where you have your quiz button, make the default state "hidden"
  4. Place a trigger on each page that "changes state of > quiz button > to normal > on condition > variable > quiztries > is equal to > 2
  5. And your trigger on the button: jump to > quiz > when user clicks > quiz button.

Hopefully that's what you're looking for. Let me know if you need some clarification. 

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