Adding courses to my website

Need some help. I am a one-person operation, with a few courses I've created to support my seminars with churches. I have a GoDaddy website where I'd like to host those courses. I've tried a few times to do this, even with their help . . . but nothing I do seems to work. I know most of the issue is likely on my end. Does anyone have experience doing this? (I have asked this question before, and the answers/links have just been too far over my head to make sense.) Really looking for the easiest/least expensive way to post some courses online. Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

You should be able to publish for the web, and upload the entire resulting folder. I usually rename it to something less cumbersome, but don't change anything inside it. I build a landing (start, menu, etc.) page with links to the story.html files.

You can also do the same thing on Amazon's free aws service.