Adding Cue Points to Videos

Jan 10, 2019

I have slides with multiple videos. I have video controls under each of the videos that allow the learner to play/pause/scrub. The controls are required per accessibility guidelines.

There is no other audio in the module and we are not using a seekbar (per client request). 

I know that we can add closed captions to the video so Storyline must be able to track when the video is playing and how far along it is, but I do not see where we can add cue points to that video the way we can on the regular timeline of the slide or layer.

Does anyone know if we can, in fact, do this? If not, is there any plan to add this feature in the future?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lyn,

Thanks for describing what you would like to utilize in your project. Curious how you would like to use the cue points and if that's not working for you.

Cue points are for you to use during course development and are not dependent on if the seekbar is present.

Check out this example of a couple of pauses in the attached file.

John L.

It would be very helpful if Storyline triggers could respond to cue points already embedded in video or audio files (as opposed to - or in addition to - the Storyline timeline).  This was possible in an old development tool called Director (now depricated) and allowed very precise syncing, with no drift. This feature is on my wish-list for future Storyline releases!

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