Adding Custom Buttons Via a Master Slide

Dec 17, 2019

Hello, I am tasked with adding custom navigation buttons through the master slide to reduce the size of the player. How can I avoid common navigation issues like for example with quizzes? In these cases the next and back buttons would have to be hidden. I'm not sure how this would be done using a master slide?

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You can control the visibility by adding a trigger on the master slide tied to a variable.

  1. Name the T/F variable something like "QuizSlide" and set the default value to false.
  2. In the master slide, add triggers to hide the buttons (change state to hidden) when the variable changes IF the variable is equal to true. (conversely, you can change the state to normal when the variable changes if the variable is equal to false.
  3. on your quiz slides (not in the master) update you variable at timeline start to true. 

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