Adding custom response to a text-recall if user leaves input field blank

I'm setting up a text entry, with a recall on another page. Its working great, but could use some help with the default text. 

Right now, the input page says (in the type field) "What steps would you take[...]"  and of course, this gets replaced when the user types. The recall for what the user types is working great. But if the user does not type anything into the text entry field, the recall is returned blank.  
I would like to set text on the recall page for if the user does not type anything in. For example "You didn’t enter any text here." Should appear where their tex would be, had they written it. I tried adding the phrase to the variable, but then it completely replaces the "What steps would you take[...]" text.  Is there a way to have both? 

Does anyone know how to do this properly, without losing the initial text? Cause I sure as heck don't know! haha!

Thanks everyone! 

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