Adding dependent files when publishing?


I have a situation where I need to add some folders and files to the published folder before zipping and submitting content to our LMS. Is there a hack or workaround that would add the relevant files during the Storyline publishing process? Or has anyone come up with a novel way of achieving this?

I know dragging a few files isn't a huge deal but you'd be amazed at the number of times this 'simple' process gets forgotten and only discovered when content doesn't run as expected!!


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Steve VE

One potential hack is to include a web object. It can be off the stage or as small as you like. From my experience, when you create a web object and point to the directory where the index.html file is located, everything in the directory is included in the upload. So you could add your files and folders to that directory, create a dummy index.html file, add the web object, and everything should be uploaded when you publish.