Adding Glossary to Rise

Dec 19, 2018

Hi there.

I'm having trouble creating a glossary in Storyline 360 to add to my Rise course.  I tried following some instructions from a previous forum discussion with no luck - I added info into the glossary section in 360, but the file I saved to add into Rise appears empty.  I haven't used 360 much, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. :)

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Dan Winter

Hey Annette! 

I think I understand what you're looking to do - are you looking to create a SL glossary to include in a Rise course as an interaction block?

If this is helpful, I've attached a glossary I've used before. You can simply change the words (each letter is its own slide, each word is its own slide layer. I also have removed clock boxes for letters that had no words associated, which can easily be reversed).

Does this help at all? You can see it here in action.

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