Adding hotspot in Image bigger than slide

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to add a hotspot on a image which is bigger than my slide. I've used a slider to make it possible for the users to see the entire image. this works fine.

Now I'd like to add several hotspots (when you hoover over the hotspot an text should appear with additional information) on the image, but outside the slide.


When I use the slider the slides, but the hotspots won't slide with them. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks already and I'll keep everyone updated!





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Bert van der Sluis

Hi Michael, 

Thanks for your reply. I don't understand exactly what you mean by grouping the image and hotspots. 

I've thought about fixing my hotspot on my image, so when my image moves, my hotspot moves with it. Could you explain (shortly) how you've grouped the image and hotspot? Because what I saw in your first example is indeed what i mean, I just haven't figured it out yet. 

And I'd like to use the hotspots (and than show a textbox when hovered over) instead of the markers, but that shouldn't be a very big issue I think?


Michael Hinze

There are lots of options to do this. For vertical scrolling, you could use a scolling panel as per Yusuf's suggestion. Also, there is a workaround to use a scrolling panel for horizontal scrolling, see here for some info.

See below the basic setup for my initial suggestion (which may not be the best approach for your needs) of grouping elements:

As you can see, the group consists of an image, 'hotspots' (I use transparent shapes) and some captions that become visible when the mouse is hovered over a hotspot. This entire group is moved horizontally with motion path animations. Hope that gives you some ideas. You can always share your .story file here so that we can have a closer look.