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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Hal,

Apologies if I'm not understanding you. The check box and radio buttons automatically include either checkmarks or circles. They don't have a button icon option.

The standard buttons (the two blue ones at the top of the drop-down) DO include button icons. When you insert one of these buttons and it is active (selected), click the Button Tools Format tab. You'll see the Button Icons Group on the left.

Attaching a screenshot. Please shout out if this isn't what you meant.

Hal Richman

Thanks, Rebecca - this did the trick.

If I may (I am Canadian so must be polite) I have one more question - I would like to remove the prev and next buttons from a layer since I have created a custom button with a trigger to go back to the base slide - layer properties does not allow this - am I missing something?