Adding in new results slides and they re-use existing variables. Help!

I have a very large course that I'm building. It currently has 5 results slides in 5 different scenes, and I need to add 5 more scenes based on the same template. I imported a copy of the scene slides with the questions and everything the same as another of the scenes, and then added a new graded results slide to end this new scene. Rather than creating four new variables (results5pass.points, etc.), this new slide is re-using existing variables (resultspass.points, etc.). Any idea why I can't get it to create the new variables that I need or something else I can try?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Anneke - Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. I only saw a result slide in Scene 10 and if I duplicate this scene - I get new Results variables as expected. 

Can you share with me the steps to replicate the issue you are reporting here so that I can take a closer look? I'm not seeing 5 results slides I'm afraid.