Adding Items to a Group on a Timeline

Jul 06, 2015

I am working with an existing file; there is a long glossary in a scrolling text box. I need to add some separator lines. The original items in the glossary were grouped. I can't seem to ungroup the group or, better, add items to the group. When I copy/paste items in the group, they are added to the timeline below the group.



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Stephen Mills

Hi Ken,

By the looks of it you've got a group inside a group, "Scrolling P..." is a group and inside that you have another group called "Group 2" .

Currently you have the "T2" (letter J) inside the "Scrolling P..." group and "Line 2" outside the group on its own.

Quickest way to do this is the select the group you want to add too then holding down ALT on the keyboard then select all the items you want to add whilst still holding ALT and once they've all been selected press CTRL G on the keyboard and this will group them all together, please note it will treat this as a new group so if you've had you grouped renamed it will reset it to Group 1 but its simple to rename.


Stephen Mills

And B

I had the same problem as Stephen and after going mad for a while I found that if you first undo the group you are trying to add items, selecting it in the timeline at top level - then using CTRL+SHIFT+G (undo the whole group, leaving the single items that it contained) and then selecting all the elements you want into the new group and CTRL+G, leads to a new group with all the elements inside. Not the most intuitive part of Articulate360 and I would like the Group/Ungroup commands to appear in the menu one gets by right clicking on an item. I spent hours on this silly detail.

Math Notermans

As this is a Feature Request quite a few people had over the years... and i felt Articulate isnot transparant in what users request most...i made a Storyline element in which you can add a feature...and vote for a existing Feature request...if its in the list..

As adding and removing elements to and from a group is an existing one..
Go there and vote.
No guarantee though that Articulate listens...