Adding layers and triggers in master slide

HI all,

I'm working in Storyline 2. In slide master view, I'm trying to add a button which triggers showing a layer. I have created the button and layer in slide master view. But when I go to the slide, the button doesn't trigger the layer and the layer is not present. I do get a finger over the button but no action.

Thanks for your help! 


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Yun Li

I am having the same issue. I created six rectangle boxes in the slide (I used master slide to make all slides have the same background) and added six corresponding layers. I set up the trigger on each rectangle box so that the corresponding layer would show up when user clicks on those rectangles. However, it didn't work when using master slides. Any suggestions? 

Yun Li

Please see the attachment. 

In the first slide, when click on Online Learning box, online learning layer is supposed to present but it doesn't. 

However, it works in the second slide, when click on Accessibility box, the layer Accessibility (s) presents. 

I set them up in the exactly same way, I have no idea what's going on here. 

P.S. I am very new with storyline. 

Thanks very much for the help. 

Jackson Hamner

This usually happens  to me when an object on my slide is covering the object with the trigger on it, so moving it to the top of the timeline made sure the button was on top of the arrows rather than the other way around. 

But objects with triggers can be covered up a little bit and still work, so usually this isn't a problem...

For some reason those arrows must have some invisible bulk to them that blocks more of the screen then we can see or something like that.