Adding more numbers to spin wheel

Nov 04, 2020

Hi - I added numbers 7-12 to the wheel and replaced/added the image file(s) duplicating slides 1-6. It works fine but needed it to see the extra numbers during the spin. Under trigger wizard I set the condition numbers for 1 to the first set and for 7 to the second set. (See example of 1 before and after). I also added trigger wizards for number 7-12 for the character. It runs, but regardless of which number it lands on the card and link are for number 12. Help! Faye

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Faye Cragin

Thank you Walt! I did as you said and the numbers started changing. I noticed what you said about the numbers and realized it was certain pairs (5-11, 6-12, 4-11) so I switched the trigger numbers and it is now working, so thank you! Now, I just need to figure out how to make it stop going to numbers it has already landed on. I am using it for a nutrition quiz so would like them to only go to the question once. Any ideas?  

Walt Hamilton

I’m not where I have SL today, so I can’t make a sample.

I would create a T/F variable for each result: Result1Visited, etc. I would set triggers: Adjust variable Result1Visited set value True when timeline starts on [result 1 slide].  Then on the main slide, check if that result has been visited. Something like: adjust variable result set value 2 if result = 1 and Result1Visited = True when result changes. 

To move on after all options have been revisited, you need triggers on each of the result context slides: Jump to [next slide] if Result1Visited = True, AND Result2Visited = True, (AND etc.) when user clicks multiplier (X). It needs to be before the jump to previous trigger.


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