Adding .mov files into Storyline causes file corruption

Have there been recent developments that are preventing Storyline from accepting multiple .mov files? I have found that inserting these flash format files as "Insert video from file" causes corruption. Closing and re-opening the project fails and an error displays "this file is corrupt". Anyone know anything?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Elena,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into some corruption errors! Only MP4 videos are natively supported in Storyline 360. Other formats, such as MOV files, will be converted to MP4 upon import.

I'm not sure what you mean by flash format files, but Storyline no longer runs Flash content now that Adobe discontinued Flash. If this is what you're referring to, then you may see corruption issues as a result.

Feel free to share your file with our support team, and they can take a look to confirm!