Adding multiple questions to a slide

Dec 24, 2019

 I would like to create a graded quiz with 20 questions and keep all the questions on one page/slide.

Any tips on how to do this?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi John

Without knowing the setup of your slide you could set it up as a Pick One freeform. Have a correct and incorrect button sit offstage which are used in the form view and then add triggers (before the submit interaction trigger) to turn the correct button to selected when the user makes all the correct selections. Then a trigger to change the incorrect button to selected if the correct button is. It in selected state. 

Wendy Farmer
John D

keep all the questions on one page/slide

Hi John

any reason why the questions need to be on one slide? and how does it need to be scored? Are you posting the result to an LMS?

Perhaps you could have each question on a new slide and use the 'submit all answers' at the end or use a quiz bank.

Just trying to work out your requirements

Michael Hinze

You'll need to create a custom interaction, with individual score variables for each question and a custom total score variable. Also, based on your screenshot, you'll have to add all the checkboxes, correct/incorrect indicators, etc, into a scrolling panel. And finally, you need to use javascript to pass your total score variable on to the LMS. While technically possible, I wonder if it's worth the effort, just because you want to replicate an existing layout.

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